Sell Information Products on Amazon

Have you ever stopped to wonder what you know, that other people would pay you to learn? It could be anything at all. Medieval literature, app building for iPhone, conversational Spanish, even how to prepare for an IQ test. Whatever it is, you know something that other people want to know, too. That’s something you can build a business on.

You probably already know that you can create your own learning products and sell them–but did you know you can do just that on Amazon? It’s an ideal situation where you use your existing knowledge and combine that with Amazon’s existing traffic.

Amazon’s marketplace sends customers to see your offer for you. It has millions of people looking through its pages every single day, and those people are there to buy. Amazon is responsible for the marketing and technical details, which takes a huge amount of work off your plate.

To create an informational product suitable for sale on Amazon.com, your course must have physical components. That means no virtual classrooms, but e-books and other learning materials such as maps and astronomy tools.

Do some market research on Google to find out what sort of courses people are searching for that fit into your wheelhouse. Check out what similar products are selling on Amazon and ask yourself how you can add an interesting angle to the same topic.

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