Run ‘Birthday Ads’ for Businesses on Facebook

Have you ever created a Facebook ad? If you have, you’ll know how well Facebook targets potential customers. You can narrow down the audience of your ads by age, location, interests, and even birthdays. It’s an extremely useful marketing tool, and you don’t necessarily just have the ability to use it for your own products–You can also use Facebook as a tool to market for other companies.

Most local businesses like restaurants, gyms, gift shops, etc., know the power of offering coupons to people celebrating their birthday. However, they have no clue that you can run ads on Facebook targeting people within 10 miles of their address who have upcoming birthdays.

That’s where you come in. Armed with the ability to create these ‘set and forget’ ads on Facebook, you can help businesses get more customers in the door.

You get paid a flat rate for your services, or a commission based on the results of the campaign, or a combination of the two.  Imagine if you have 5 businesses each paying you $2,000 a month to manage these ads for them. That’s $10,000 a month for ads that you set up once.

For further details on how to run birthday ads for businesses on Facebook, watch the free presentation from top expert Jason Bell now:


Jason Bell is the president of Bell Media Group and the creator of the Birthday Marketing Formula. Jason has developed a unique system for marketing on Facebook that has helped his clients generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.