Publish Short Reports on Amazon Kindle

Have you always wanted to write a book? Are you an expert in a niche topic? If either of your answers to those questions are “yes,” you can make money by writing and publishing books on Kindle. In fact, even if you hire a ghostwriter, you can make money this way!

It’s all about finding the right niche. People love to read, but some genres are much more popular–and profitable–than others. Romance is a popular genre of fiction, while personal development is popular for non-fiction. You can do some research on Amazon to find which books and topics are selling the best.

Kindle accounts are simple to set up, and once your book goes live it will be available on all Kindle devices for purchase. Depending on your topic, you can hire artists to create images for the covers and inner pictures or do it yourself with free online tools like Canva.

Recruit book reviewers to get your new release highly rated quickly, and break into the bestsellers list almost immediately. If you have an email list, consider using it as leverage, and write a book on the topic that list was made for. Your list can get you important reviewers and presales that will boost rankings and sales from the second you launch your book.

The best part about this method is, once you’ve published books to Amazon Kindle, they will be in their marketplace and potentially bring you royalty payments for years to come.

Kindle publishing expert Ty Cohen and his students bring in tens of thousands a month in passive income from Amazon using his Kindle Cash Flow system.

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