Create & Sell ‘Printables’ and Low Content Products

Are you a creative person? Consider making printable products like calendars, journals and planners to help other people get organized. You can use other people’s products, like a blank journal, and add your own artwork.

Design using free images from sites like Canva, then partner with a printing company that will print each item to order and ship it for you. That way, you don’t spend any money up front, and you won’t need to store or ship inventory.

Your designs can be printed on other types of items, too, such as mugs, pillowcases and t-shirts. Printables are highly personalizable and can be created to suit birthdays, holidays, people with certain names or birthdays, and virtually any demographic.

Check out existing printables on marketplaces like Amazon to see what kinds of items and designs are already popular with buyers. You can cater both to general interest and niche interests. List your printables for sale through Amazon or Etsy, and any large online marketplace to capitalize on that site’s existing high traffic.

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