Create & Publish Children’s Books

If you like the idea of writing for Kindle but aren’t a budding romantic novelist or into non-fiction, give children’s books a try. The business model is simple: Research top-selling kids books on Amazon by looking at the top selling list and comparing rankings among different subtopics. Create a book within the least competitive sub-niche, publish on Amazon in print and digital formats, and collect the sales profits.

This is a great business for creative people, especially if the idea of writing a kid’s series of books appeals to you. You can contract freelance artists to help with cover art and the images for the inside of the book and easily publish the entire project through Amazon’s online portal.

You can even use your book sales to start building an email list. Dedicate the first page of your project to a digital giveaway–for example, offer the first chapter of your next book for free in exchange for your readers’ email addresses. Or, you could record and offer an audio version of the book.

That email list lets you keep in touch with your fans and let them know when new books are in the works. You can build upon book after book and grow your audience and your sales revenue with each release.

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Learn all the tricks and tips to creating and publishing kids’ books with Jay Boyer’s online course, Children’s Book Formula. Jay is a dad and bestselling children’s author of the Fart books through Amazon.