Build Recurring Income Using ‘One Post A Day’ on Facebook

This method uses a sales funnel with a free offer to then sell customers into a recurring payment offer. Once you have that set up, you can get customers from Facebook with just one post a day.

A sales funnel is simply a combination of offers during a checkout process. By giving away a free item that is shipped to the customer, the customer pays for shipping and is entered into the sales process.

From there you can build leads and offer them an ongoing membership to your site in which they pay you monthly. If you have high value information that actually helps people, they will continue paying for your membership.

For this business model to work, you need an existing product or affiliate product. Then, you can set up a Facebook page to link to that product with a special daily post. Post your free offer on your Facebook page and add a call-to-action so viewers can immediately opt in.

It helps to “boost” these posts and gain a higher audience. Boosting instantly turns your post into an FB advertisement potentially seen by millions. This option is automatically offered when you post on a free business or interest page.

If your membership costs $20 a month, this simple sales system only needs to bring in 417 members for you to make 6 figures a year. The key is to leverage Facebook’s own traffic and use it to your benefit. Facebook gets hundreds of millions of visits every single day, and your niche page just needs a tiny, tiny fraction of that to be successful.

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